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Sexton Homes, Inc. has created a strong foundation within the South Bay in the sunny state of California over the past 70 years.  The Sexton family has been building homes in California since the mid 1930’s, starting with the city of Redondo Beach, when the roads were dusty and unpaved, and back yards were filled with corn fields and farm animals.

Shaun Sexton, the President of Sexton Homes  has been recognized as a prominent designer within the South Bay for creating magnificent luxurious designs that inspire people.  He has been designing and building in Manhattan Beach for over 15 years.  He quickly gained notoriety in newspapers and magazines due to his home design and build quality. Shaun has traveled all over the world to gain inspiration and knowledge to enable him to be true to a style, and to create homes that are innovative works of art while incorporating functionality to his designs.

Sexton Homes Design

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